Disability Discrimination

Someone might experience discrimination in the workplace, in school, and virtually any other environment in society simply because of a physical disability or perceived mental impairment. In our AMS Vans blog, we bring disability discrimination to the forefront with news and commentary that sheds light on demeaning behavior resulting from ignorance and insensitivity, with an eye toward a more tolerant, understanding culture.

help wheelchair users

Help Wheelchair Users with Lessons in Wheelchair Etiquette

If a wheelchair isn’t a part of your daily life, it’s almost impossible to truly understand the challenges that wheelchair users face on a daily basis. Of course, accessibility is always a primary concern. But so is interacting with people who aren’t quite sure how to help wheelchair users.

Because the team at AMS Vans is a tireless advocate for true mobility freedom, today’s blog is a primer on a few critical accessibility issues: proper wheelchair etiquette, how to help wheelchair users in your life, and what not to say to a wheelchair user.

We hope that you’ll consider these ideas and practice conscious respect in an attempt to strengthen your relationships and improve the lives of those around you. And, if you have any additional suggestions on how to help wheelchair users that we miss or reactions to the topics we cover, please help our readers know more by leaving them in the comments section below. Continue reading