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So often in life, there are no easy answers to problems we face. The only way to solve them is to gather as much information as possible and let everyone contribute to the conversation. That’s why we have a special category reserved to provide a forum for opinions and discussion about various subjects. When we keep an open mind and welcome the ideas and experiences of others, we sometimes learn something that may change our point of view. Everyone is encouraged to participate. You may change someone’s mind today!

Wheelchair mobility

Instantly Recognize a Wheelchair Mobility Expert from a Salesperson

Chances are that this is your first time purchasing a wheelchair accessible van. Buying a standard car or truck is a fairly straightforward endeavor. However, wheelchair mobility comes with an entirely new set of features, jargon, and considerations. It can be enough to confuse anyone who is unfamiliar with the industry.

Mobility consultant

Mobility consultants give their customers a new lease on life.

That’s why the role of the wheelchair mobility expert simply can not be overstated. The best mobility experts combine product knowledge and personal compassion to help you sift through the myriad of buying options and choose the right wheelchair van for you. So let’s take a look at what separates a wheelchair mobility expert from a common car salesperson — as well as how to tell the difference when you get to the showroom. Continue reading

Hand controls for driving

Advances in Hand Controls for Driving Adaptable Vehicles

The development of handicap hand controls for driving has opened new opportunities for special needs drivers with physical limitations. Let’s take a closer look at this adaptable mobility phenomenon — how it’s taken advantage of new technologies and what the future might hold for hand controls for cars.

Adapting the traditional steering wheel to drivers with disabilities has taken researchers on some fairly ingenious routes of development. From rotating knobs to grip extensions to braking and acceleration, handicap hand controls for driving are improving both accessibility and control. As we come closer to the dawn of the self-driving vehicle age, here are some of the most recent advancements in handicap hand controls. Continue reading

Honda mobility van

The Ford Wheelchair Van versus the Honda Mobility Van

The Honda mobility van — the pride of Japanese auto-making. The Ford wheelchair van — an American automotive icon. When it comes to make and model, does a brand name really make a difference with respect to adaptable mobility? Let’s find out as we take a closer look at two of the biggest names in the industry.

There are two basic methods people use to select a particular vehicle make. The first in through history — they choose one over the other because that’s the way their families have always done it. The second is through detailed comparison — placing makes side-by-side and weighing the various qualities of each objectively. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll compare the Honda mobility van and the Ford wheelchair van using Method #2. Continue reading

Used wheelchair van

The 3 Top Used Wheelchair Van Myths and Mysteries Exposed

Unfortunately, purchasing a used wheelchair van is typically a forced reaction to some negative life event. It could be the result of the onset of old age or an accident that results in paralysis. Regardless of the cause, the need for a used wheelchair van is thrust upon the unexpected.

For those that are just beginning your search for a used wheelchair van, the initial sources of information might include the Internet, friends and family, and coworkers and colleagues. As you might expect, the swirl of subjective opinions, ‘he said-she said’ stories, and even the occasional horror story can produce several myths and mysteries. Here are three common misconceptions that you might hear — and the truth behind them. Continue reading

Wheelchair accessible vehicle

The wheelchair accessible vehicle buyer persona challenge

You can find out a lot about yourself during the process of shopping for and purchasing big ticket items — think of such products as a new home, a new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle, or a vacation package. There’s just something about that level of consideration and decision-making that reveals the type of person we all are.

As technology offers consumers a variety of new ways to engage with businesses, these advancements have led to revelations concerning buying behaviors and about the type of consumers we really are. While some prefer the convenience and anonymity of shopping online, some still elect to visit brick-and-mortar stores to see and feel adaptable mobility products before they purchase. Continue reading

Accessible home ideas

The Smartest Household Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Accessible Living that You’re Likely to See Today

The goal is simple: increase accessible living and decrease effort and reliance. So for individuals with special needs and abilities, sometimes it’s the most direct solutions that provide the greatest degrees of mobility and accessibility in everyday life. Therefore, these household hacks, tips, and tricks are a great place to start.

Making repetitive movements shorter and easier for every room

Half-steps for Elevation. First, accessible living easily made from common materials. Half-steps can be created for just about every type of regular staircase in your home. Simply build rectangular boxed platforms of varying heights and include non-skid strips for traction. Then paint or stain to match the room decor. Perfect for moving from entry areas to main areas, as well as for garages and porches. Continue reading