Disabled Veterans Grants and Loans

There are multiple grants and loans for disabled veterans with a service-connected disability to help pay for a handicap accessible van. Public government programs and private companies offer disabled veterans free money with grants or loans at low interest rates.

To learn more about how to apply for wheelchair van grant funding to buy a handicap van or convert a pre-owned minivan, read "How to Apply for a Grant for Wheelchair Vans, Mobility Equipment, or Minivan Conversions."

Disabled Veterans Grants

Grants are provided to disabled American veterans and do not need to be paid back. Most often, government programs grant funding assistance through the Veterans Association directly.

Disabled Veterans Grants Through the Veterans Association

Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities

Get help with a disabled veteran's grant that provides money toward the sale price or conversion of a handicap-accessible minivan. This grant is available for disabled veterans with service-related disabilities including:

  • loss, or permanent loss of use, of one or both feet

  • loss, or permanent loss of use, of one or both hands

  • permanent loss or impairment of vision in both eyes

  • ankylosis (immobility) of one or both knees, or one or both hips

There is a one-time disabled veteran's grant payment by the Veterans Association toward the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and/or adaptive equipment. The Veterans Association will pay for adaptive equipment, for repair, replacement or re-installation required because of disability, and for the safe operation of a vehicle purchased with the Veterans Association assistance.

Currently, the amount of money granted to service-connected veterans under the program is $18,900.

Disabled veterans who wish to convert an existing vehicle may also qualify for adaptive equipment under the same grant. Mobility equipment includes, but is not limited to, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, and special equipment necessary to assist the eligible person into and out of the vehicle. Be sure to speak with your local VA medical center's prosthetic department prior to purchasing any equipment.

Unlike the wheelchair van grant provided by the VA, the adaptive equipment grant may be paid more than once, and it may be paid to either the seller or the veteran.

Disabled Veterans Loan Program

Loans for disabled veterans are available through other outlets. We suggest you search for veterans' loan programs by seeking out loans available for your specific disability.

You can also find loans to help pay for adapted vehicles by searching for money based on your disability instead of purely focusing on veterans benefits. Search through our Wheelchair Van Loans for the Disabled section to find other loans that apply to you.

We are always seeking to identify funding opportunities to help pay for a handicap accessible minivan. If you're aware of other disability grant and loan programs for disabled veterans, please let us know.