Illinois Disability Grants Handicap Funding IL

Illinois disability grants can help fund wheelchair accessible vans and other mobility equipment needs. Knowing where to find them helps. Find the largest source of Illinois (IL) grants for the disabled to cover some or all the costs associated with funding new handicap vans, used wheelchair vans, or mobility equipment. Often these disability grants can be used to modify existing vehicles to be wheelchair accessible. Once you've got the handicap funding secured and have chosen your mobility minivan from AMS Vans, we will be glad to deliver your handicap van to Illinois and nationwide.

Disability Grants in Illinois (IL)

Handicap grants such as those listed below for Illinois may or may not provide funding for wheelchair van financial assistance or loans. Please check with the local Illinois grant provider for complete information on financial assistance to help cover the cost of wheelchair vans.

Illinois Assistive Technology Program
Provides funding advice to obtain grants for handicap vans and other assistive technology.

How to Apply for Illinois Grants

Contact the Illinois foundation above and talk to them about acquiring a grant to help fund a handicap van. After you have gone through the process and been approved, AMS Vans will set up the funding arrangements through your funding provider(s). Remember, you can use one or several sources of free money or loans for buying a wheelchair accessible van. If you don’t qualify for the program above, then browse through our mobility finance section for other grants that may apply to you.

Help us build the largest list of Illinois disability funding sources by letting us know about mobility finance or grant programs. Submit any Illinois grants, mobility financing, loans, and other local Illinois disability funding.


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