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Dear Jill:

Thank you for your inquiry dated Sunday, July 8, 2007. But have you no brain what so ever? I cannot, simply cannot understand why someone would want any other van than the one that you sold to me. So there. I've said it. I have always wanted to say it to you but never have had the opportunity and now I have.

There will NEVER, I repeat NEVER be another Ashton Van-O-Mizer than the one my boy received from you after such a masterminded search that only had included just a few bumps along the way - thanks to that Mr. "what's his name" who tried to sell out from under us. Remember? Whell, he's just lucky that I gave up Law in order to raise my Wonderman Extraordinaire so I could put all my efforts into his new Van-O-Mizer!!!!!

To say the least Missy Jill, you are fantasticola in every way you took care of us even with that Mr. "what's his name" trying to butt in and sell out from under us. But not you Jill, you stuck your ground and battled that man with all your might. And my oh my the might you have. You, Jill, and "MAKASH" (that's the license on his van, stands for "Makenzy" (MAK), Ashton's sister, and "Ashton" (ASH), Makenzy's brother!!!!!!! And as I was saying You, Jill, and MAKASH are is simply stated...... MAGNANIMOUS !!!

We love you and we love our van soooo much. Sometimes just for fun and to let you know how much we love our van, Ashton and I will hop in it (since he is nocturnal and all) anywhere from 2am-5am in the morning, just pack up and drive around the block over and over again, waving at the people sleeping happily ever after and repeating the same line to them as we pass "HEY, YOU GUYS ASLEEP? GOOD! YOU SHOULD BE". Hows that for an blast of excitement? We figure that we will be mellow when were dead - don't you agree?

So I don't know if the man who delivered MAKASH told you how I had a step by step photo shoot of the entire arrival of MAKASH. Yup, sure did. All the way from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, followed by the Rocket Propelled Delivery Truck's (Size 49) Hydrolic Ramp Let Down; Powered by Watching just like an Orbit Reaching its Purpose here on Earth. The Rocket Deliverer entered through the South entrance of MAKASH and slowly drove him while waving the Parade Wave (Perfectly by the way Jill. He should be highly rewarded) to the neighbors who were totally eyeballing mega mega mega at MAKASH; then the Pull-In was the Ticket. The True Ticket Jill. No joke. Truly. BUT: Your gonna have to make up that part of my story ok? And oh my, Quite the story it twas don't you agree? Who loves ya baby. WE DO !

Here are some the the elecktrafyyying moments in MAKASH History, 2007. I hope you enjoy them. Again, Jill, what a trip. MAKASH honestly we dreamed of. We thank God, and you Jill, for EVERYTHING. Thank you very very much.

God Bless You,

Margot, Michael and MAKASH (Makenzy and Ashton in case you forgot)!!!!!

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