Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Betty M Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Anniston, AL

We are delighted with our new "wheels." It gives us freedom to go any place that has ground level entry which is required in public buildings and in Alabama curb cuts have been required since our Governor, George Wallace, was in a wheelchair. Unfortunately most homes do not have this so we are limited. On April 13, Emory and his lovely wife, Rita, worked most of the day to equip Gaston's manual chair with a locking device. This was quite a challenge since that chair is wider and longer than the power chair.

We were able to share our brief experience with the ramp and locking device. Rita helped me add hot pink duct tape to the edges of the ramp. This is particularly useful at night I also put it on the edges of the EZ Lock.

Thank you for your help in getting everything "just right."

Betty M

Anniston, AL

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