Testimonial | Review - Handicapped Driver Services in Birmingham Alabama

I wanted to thank you for all that you did for me in helping me pick the wheelchair van that was best for us. Thank you for taking care of all the last minutes things. The remote entry is a blessing and helps speed up the process of loading my granddaughter. The tires look great, the head lamp covers look new, and the new radio system is wonderful. I will never be able to tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity of dealing with such a fine Christian person. Buying this van was a stretch for me both emotionally and financially, and you helped me a great deal by making me feel that I could trust you and to know that I was dealing with someone of integrity.

The guy (Paul) that delivered the van was a special person also. He said the sweetest prayer for me, my granddaughter and the van.

If I ever have the opportunity to guide someone to you for a van I will surely do so with confidence.

Judy P
Birmingham, AL