Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Anita R Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Castleberry, AL

I looked to a local dealership for help in locating a much-needed van for my brother. In fact, the man I contacted has been known to our family for many years. After saying he would look, I have not heard from him as yet.

I did what I often do now, I looked to the computer and found AMS Vans. I had not known any of these people at all, yet they became personally interested in my quest to find the right van. I received quick responses to my questions and all the help I needed to settle on the right van for our needs. From the earliest contact with the capable people at AMS Vans through the time it was delivered to my door, everything they told me they did. It was a very smooth and happy experience.

Now, my wheelchair-bound brother can go inside and outside of town at our convenience. Prior to purchasing the van, there was no good way to move him from point A to point B. If he went to the E.R., he had to go by ambulance. He feels much better about himself and his ease of travel because he has his own wheels now!

I mean it, Jill. My daughter and I are really enjoying driving him around, now.


Anita S

Castleberry, AL

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