Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Kinita K Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Frisco City, AL

The purpose of this email is to BRAG about two gentlemen that provided excellent customer service to my family and me during our research and purchase of a handicap accessible van for my grandmother. My first interaction was with Sales Representative - Todd Tankersley back in November 2011. I contacted your company via email and I received a return telephone call from Todd the same business day!! He was extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable. After multiple calls between Todd and me; I forwarded the business finance piece to my father. During our interactions with one another, Todd was very patient and understanding. He was not your typical salesman that was interested in ONLY making a sale; he was more compassionate and made sure that we were comfortable with our over all purchase.

The next gentleman was Kevin who actually delivered my grandmother's van to our family on December 14, 2011, in Frisco City, Alabama. He was very detailed oriented in explaining the proper use of the different accessories within the van. Shortly after he delivered the van, my father realized that the van would not start. He called Kevin whom had already left the area and he returned to check the reason for the van's failure to start. Kevin discovered that the van needed a new battery and he went to Walmart and purchased the battery and also installed it. Of course shortly thereafter, the van started!!!

Although this was the last delivery for Kevin after a LONG day; he conducted himself in a manner that was extremely professional and NEVER once seemed agitated.

This is a testament to the fact that although customer service is rarely illustrated in this day and time; however, I can honestly say that my interaction with Kevin and Todd has restored my faith that experiencing exemplary customer service is still possible. Please acknowledge Kevin and Todd for a job well done!!!

I would gladly recommend your company and Todd and Kevin to any family or friend!!!


Kinita K

Frisco City, AL

Alabama handicap vans