Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Dana V Is Happy with Her Wheelchair Van Purchase in Wrangel, AK

Good Morning Jill,

What a nice surprise in my inbox this morning to hear from you. Yes, the van is here, it arrived in wonderful shape and looks beautiful. We received it in time to use it for transport to move my father from the hospital back to his home.

Just a little background on how we found you. You are right, your customers are your mouth! My mother passed away at Thanksgiving 2011. My manager's mother has one of your vans, and he let us use his for transporting my father for the funeral, and then let us keep using it for almost three months, as his mom was in the hospital for a while. So even before we owned an AMS van, we were still telling people all about it as we had my dad out and about lots at that time. Never in our lives had we thought it could be so easy to just put him in his chair and go. Always before it was a process that took more than one person to accomplish.

I have been talking about the wonderful service we received from AMS Vans to everyone that stops and says "wow," when we are putting dad in or getting him out of the van. All the way from my first phone call to the arrival on the barge, the entire process was made entirely painless. The questions you asked and the email selection you sent that met my needs, made the choice so much easier to make. The detailed information available on the website on each vehicle, made my husband happy with the van I picked. Prompt responses to emails and even other employees answering my questions when you were not available made the purchase go quickly. The weekly pictures Josh emailed of the changes being made gave my father something to look forward to and made the process real. The phone calls from Ed about the weather delays for the cross country delivery to the barge in Seattle were a real help in changing the barge reservation in a timely manner. I looked forward to every contact with your company, you took something I was dreading and made it an adventure in friendship.

Thank you again, for the service you provide and the way you make it so easy.

Dana V

Wrangel, AK

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