Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyers Susan and Richard R Are Happy with Their Handicap Van Purchase in Clovis, CA

Thanks Jill.

We are 100% satisfied with our service from AMS. You've been accommodating in every way to help us through the process. Plus, you calmed our hesitancy with buying on-line. We love the van! We were so pleased with how spit-spot clean it was. It has given us new found freedom and convenience. Going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week has now become much less complicated. Before, we had to be ready for the transportation service to come 1 hour earlier than our appointment. Then we had to wait for 25 minutes or so to be picked up to go home. And "to go home" was our only choice. Now we can go out to eat, do errands, visit family, or whatever we want!

Thanks for everything.

Susan and Richard R

Clovis, CA

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