Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Dave S Is Happy with His Wheelchair Van Purchase in Wilmington, DE

Finding a wheelchair accessible van is a daunting task. There aren't many dealerships in Delaware or close to its borders that sell pre-owned accessible vans. The ones that do, their selection is limited and prices are high. It's a frustrating experience for those in need!

We happened to find AMS Vans online and at first we were a little skeptical about buying a vehicle without actually seeing it in person before-hand. However, after talking with our sales rep at AMS, we were assured that we wouldn't be locked into purchasing a van until it was delivered and we were sure we "loved it" just as much in person as we did online.

The process in working with AMS was easy and everything was done electronically...no sitting in the dealership for hours! Our sales rep was extremely helpful with any and all questions we had. The delivery was on time, and our van was just as described with no problems at all.

If you're skeptical of purchasing a van in this manner, we can reassure you that AMS is legit!

Jill - Thanks for all your help!

Dave S

Wilmington, DE

Vans for wheelchairs in Wilmington, DE