Testimonial | Review - Florida Mom Buys a Wheelchair Van for Her Son with Multiple Sclerosis

First I would like to take the time to say how much I appreciate you Brenda Miller for you patience, time and encouragement during the process of purchasing our van. At the very beginning of contacting you, during each step you were there with us. My son who has the debilitating disease Multiple Sclerosis has for the last two and one half years been bed bound and when we had to transport him to church or doctors appt. we would have to get him out of bed into his wheelchair then pick him up again to put him into the car...you can understand where I'm going. To even get him to the hospital, we would have to call an ambulance for transport. This became so tedious especially at times when I had no help and had to do it alone. Many times I would have to cancel appts. because it became so difficult to get him there, my son is 29 yrs old, tall and slender but heavy. Most times I don't go places because I can't stand not being able to take him with the family.

But when I heard about the AMS Company and what you offered, I was elated. Though the process took a while Brenda consistently checked with us just to see how we were doing. When Brenda gave me the web site and I found the van I wanted, I became so excited. After all the transactions were concluded, Brenda called me and was just excited as I was. Our van was delivered 2 days ago by a very nice man named Mike who went over everything with me and my family. There were a couple of things that needed to be done and Mike jumped on it right away and the AMS team out of Atlanta called me immediately and resolved the issues within a few days. My daughter couldn't believe that Mike drove all the way from Atlanta, Ga to Ruskin, Fl to deliver our van. Even though there was a fee, compared to the time, distance, safe delivery of the van (in tip-top condition), care and concern, it was worth it. When we took my son to see the van, he responded with a big smile knowing that was for him, in fact we took him for a ride the next day and it was a blessing. There is still a lot to learn transporting my son in the van but the AMS staff have called me several times informing me that if I need any help or assistance with anything just call.

I have been telling everybody about this van, my church family is so thrilled about our blessing. Thank you again Brenda, Mike and all of the AMS Staff for all that you have done in providing great service. During this time that we are going through in this country we need people like you. May the LORD bless all of you.


Nan T
Ruskin, FL

Florida Mom Buys a Wheelchair Van