Testimonial | Review - Where a Princess from Atlanta Georgia Likes to Shop for Her Wheelchair Van

Hello Kip, Diana and the whole AMS Vans Family!

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much of a blessing it has been to my mom and I to own an AMS Van. With the vans adapted modifications, I have become more independent than I have ever been. When I first began my career in power wheelchair soccer, I relied on public transportation which had many drawbacks. Rain and cold weather often played a big role on my disability and how my tolerance level would be each day. I never gave up because I knew things would get better! Then that day arrived when I found AMS Vans! As soon as my mom and I entered your showroom, Georgia, our van was waiting for us! We instantly fell in love and have been that way for 2 ½ years and counting. Because of your loyalty and commitment, we have freedom and are able to maintain that freedom! You are a big part of my life and mean a great deal to both me and my mom. I want to also thank you for helping to support my power wheelchair soccer career! I am so grateful for all of your generosity in aiding me to attend tournaments for the sport of power soccer! You are truly family!


Ericka "Princess E" S
Atlanta Shepherd Striker Team Manager & Captain
United States Power Soccer Association Secretary
Atlanta, GA