Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Paul W Is Happy with His Handicap Van Purchase in Cartersville, GA


I spoke with you last week after my wife and daughter were involved in an automobile accident in our Chrysler/AMS van. Thanks for your help getting conversion cost to the insurance adjuster. We are awaiting payment for the loss.

I told you I would send you some pictures of the van and here they are. Tammie was driving around 40mph when a '91 Buick Park Ave tried to turn left in front of her. It was basically a head on collision and the other driver was charged with failure to yield. My daughter was injured in the accident because the back of her wheelchair separated from the frame and she was pitched forward at the waist breaking her hip. The van and the straps securing the wheelchair performed perfectly though and prevented much more severe injuries to both my wife and daughter.

We had an EZ lock system in the van, but we had not had my daughter’s newest chair fitted for the system so the chair was strapped down instead. The wreck took out the electrical system in the van, the EMT's were able to lower the ramp manually and get my daughter and her chair out of the van after accessing her injuries.

I will be contacting you soon to talk about a replacement van (once we have settled with the insurance company).

Paul W

Cartersville, GA

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