Testimonial | Review - My Wheelchair Van Brought Independence and Freedom - Indiana

I'd like to thank the very helpful staff at AMS. My van is great and I'm experiencing a new found independence and freedom. I'd like to especially thank the owner's wife for the blanket. It is so beautiful and I know it was made with love and prayers. Also I'd like to thank Brenda - my new "best friend". She was so kind and helpful. She found answers to all my questions. My most heartfelt thanks is sent to Zeke. I have a new friend and grand-father all in one. He is truly a very exceptional person. In a few short days he reminded me of the value of patience, acceptance, and most of all laughter. I'll never forget the impact this man had on me. You are all so lucky to have in each day - cherish him.

With truest sincerity, Thank you all!

Linda M

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