Testimonial | Review – Loyal Handicap Van Customer Dan P in Overland Park, KS, Praises AMS Vans Service

Thanks for all the help with the motor. I ended up replacing all the solonoids and the one under the hood and found out the battery connection was very corroded and replaced it. Once I replaced the positive battery clamp, everything worked and has continued to work.

We have 127,000 miles on this 2003 AMS Dodge Grand Caravan. We hope to get two more years out of it and then we will be contacting AMS for another van. I know a guy that works for a company here in Lenexa, Kansas that converts vans to ramp access. I asked if any had ever been test crashed he said no. I said sorry I am staying with AMS. The cost of their conversions is a lot more so I would not have bought theirs. I do not remember the company name.

Thanks for always being there for support and parts and advice. Your company knows how to treat their customers right. People like you keep me bragging about the vans you build.


Dan P

Overland Park KS

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