Testimonial | Review - Benton Kentucky - Mom Wheeled Right into Her Handicap Van

We absolutely love the van. When we used to go anywhere, I had to get mom in the car, ride the power chair to the back of the car, put down the lift, ride the chair onto the lift, strap the chair, and then raise the lift. This was not fun in cold or rainy weather. In fact, she wouldn't go if it was raining, but we sometimes got caught in it after we had left. Then going down the road, we both worried that something would happen, like a strap would break, the chair would fly off and hit someone behind us, or someone would plow into the back of us and destroy the chair. Very nerve racking.

After we got the van, we went to Wal-Mart. When we came out, before we even got to the van I had the door open and the ramp down. Mom just wheeled right up in it. I closed the doors, opened the rear door, unloaded the groceries, got in, strapped the chair, put on the seat belt and away we went. It was a really cold day and it was a nice change to be inside while strapping the chair. No more worry of the chair flying off the back or being rear ended.

The Van drives great, it is in excellent condition, we love the color, the design, and just everything about it.

Onnalee F
Benton, KY

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