Testimonial | Review - Used Van Arrived as Promised and Looked New

Hey Jill,

All is well here. The van arrived as promised and I was very pleased. It was everything I hoped for and more! Everyone that sees it thinks that I bought it new from the showroom floor! It looks that great! A few days after the van arrived Dustin had a doctor's appointment in Monroe, about 60 miles north of us. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to NOT have him transfer in and out of the car and break down the wheelchair numerous times!! In the times before the van, we would go straight to the doctor and come straight home due to the hassels of loading/unloading etc. This trip though, we went to the doctor, stopped at a music store for a quick guitar repair, went to the mall for a haircut and some shopping, then to the airport to meet family that was flying in from Los Angeles. Let me tell you, that is THE MOST Dustin has done in one day since his accident 3 YEARS ago!! He enjoyed every minute of it! I THANK YOU so much for all your help in getting the van for us. I would certainly recommend AMS Vans to anyone out there looking to purchase one.


Pam M
Olla, LA

Used Handicap Van