Testimonial | Review - Read How Kathie's Dream of Owning a Handicap Vehicle came True

dear ams vans,

it took me several years to be able to accept a handicap vehicle into my life. the expierience of being transported in a huge handicap van after my injury was always a bit humiliating to me. being lifted 3 feet in the air on a lift then getting bolted to the floor was at times scary and always something i dreaded.

living my life at home or transfering into the passenger seat was acceptable. i was browsing the web when i saw a ramped minivan and thought "hey thats not too bad, i could live with that". i daydreamed about the possibilities; doing errands myself and having some more freedom in this life of constant limitations.

the little idea of a van grew and grew. AMS vans just kept coming to my computer screen. they looked expierienced and well priced. i liked the fact that the conversions were new. buying a vehicle online seemed crazy but my husband kept saying have faith.

i pushed my doubts aside and got my van online. AMS was excellent! i love my van, it was a bit scary buying it online.

AMS is a good company. you will be pleased.

TRUST AMS TO MAKE THIS A GOOD EXPIERINCE AND believe enough in yourself to start daydreaming about the possibity of a minivan!

Kathie C
Middleton, MA

Handicap Vans Massachusetts