Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Pamela K Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Macomb, MI

I would like to thank the AMS Vans team for such a complete package on my van. After many months of comparison shopping on the internet, I decided to go forward with a purchase from AMS.

I live in Michigan so a purchase from another state (GA) took careful planning. My husband traveled with me and when we arrived everything was in order to complete the sale. My apprehension of buying sight unseen immediately disappeared when I saw the professional facility and my van looking clean, like brand new and ready to go. Todd Tankersley did a wonderful job of presenting the vans and the company exactly how they were, so we felt confident after our arrival to make our purchase. Also, we spoke with a current customer about his 3 purchases while we were there.

Again, let me thank Todd for all of his help in completing this transaction and letting us know he still would be there after the sale. While I am the one in a power wheelchair now and need the van for mobility, my husband would also benefit from the ease of getting into the van without the hassle of a manual wheelchair in and out of a car trunk.


Pamela K

Macomb, MI

Michigan handicap vans