Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Beth B Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Pontotoc, MS

AMS Vans are lifesavers!

Our family urgently needed transportation for my 78-year-old mother. For some time she has been in a wheelchair and we were able to take her places (mainly Dr appointments) using a transport chair and our regular vehicles. Complications with her diabetes and a ruptured tendon in her ankle escalated our need. She was no longer able to get from her wheelchair into the passenger seat of the car safely and without a high risk of falling. We were able to obtain a power chair to help with her mobility but we were unable to transport the power chair.

I found AMS Vans on-line and scrolled through photos of their available wheelchair accessible vans. I found a 2002 Grand Caravan with about 48,000 miles on it. I called the 800 number and got more information from Todd Tankersley.

We made arrangements and paid a deposit to reserve the vehicle. I worked with Todd and he arranged a trade-in agreement for her Chrysler 300. Todd is very knowledgeable, patient, kind and fair. We came to a trade in agreement that we both were very happy with.

DeWayne delivered the van to Mississippi for us and it was everything Todd said the van would be. DeWayne was very helpful, courteous and kind. Now my mother can simply drive her power chair up the side entry ramp and turn right into the passenger seat area of the van. We then quickly attach the Quick straps to secure her power chair in the van and then she uses the regular seat belt to secure herself in the power chair and we are good to go.

Loading and unloading her into and out of the van is so quick and easy now, not to mention how much safer it is for her to no longer need to transfer out of her power chair. She can simply stay in the safety and comfort of her power chair. It's much less stressful on her as well as the family to take her places. Loading and unloading her is so quick and easy, the Mississippi summer heat is no longer a factor to be considered in every trip. The best part of all is that she is able to get out more and do more things other than just go to the doctor.

I would HIGHLY recommend anyone in need of a handicap accessible vehicle to consider AMS Vans. They are very professional, honest and trustworthy. I hope you will be as happy with AMS Vans if you choose to purchase one as we are with ours!

Beth B

Pontotoc, MS

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