Testimonial | Review - Access in Missouri with Wheelchair Van Lifts and Ramps

First and foremost, I thank God and thank everyone at AMS for making the purchase of my son's van possible! We have had our van since August 2007 and my son just loves it. He has always been on the go, but he has grown a lot (he is 16 now) and transferring him in and out of the car was starting to bother me and not to mention he was getting tired of being pushed around. Before the van he had a power chair but we did not have any way of transporting it, so unless he was going to school, he was in his manual chair. Just the other day we went to a baseball game, this was the first time going since he got his van, and as he was driving up the ramp, he looked back at me and asked, "Isn't this a lot better than you pushing me up this ramp?"

Before I go, I have to tell you about when he first got his van. He would always tell me that it would be so much easier if he had a van with a lift. What he did not know was that everything was already in motion. The day the van arrived he was around the corner at my parents' house and I had the van delivered to our house. So I had my mother take him to the garage in his power chair with the door closed. Well because we never had anything to transport his power chair in, he did not have a clue as to what was going on - long story short, I pulled in the driveway - the guy who delivered the van was with me, I put him on camera duty - once he was positioned with the camera, I opened the garage door. The look on my son's face was absolutely priceless! I had never seen my son smile so big.

Thanks AMS!

Deidre and Cameron B

Wheelchair Van Lifts and Ramps