Testimonial | Review - Wheelchair Van Buyer Shawanda C Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase

I bet you thought I forgot about you:) Girlllllll :) I'm in the process of sending you guys a testimonial and some photos! OMG, OMG, OMG!

We still cannot believe that we have that van! It is way, way more than I expected! I have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful that it is inside and out. Everyone is so happy for us. They think that is the coolest thing ever. Janae thinks she is a celebrity now.

It has changed our life in so many ways. I know that I cannot list them out! And your delivery driver Mr. Doug! That man is so awesome! You would have thought that he built the van with his own hands! He had so much pride and confidence when he explained every button, belt and whistle! He is really sharp!

I signed the paperwork so you guys can get your $$$$ from Nebraska Assistive Technology. When the guy came over to inspect the van, he got in and said "ARE U SERIOUS"!!!! I told him "OH YEAH MAN CUT THE CHECK". LOL

I will be in contact soon!

Thank you Ms. Tracy for everything that you done us.

Shawanda L
Omaha, NE

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