Testimonial | Review - Local Dealer in New Jersey Upset About AMS Vans Low Prices

Ned F. from Rockaway, NJ set a new record for AMS Vans: the first customer testimonial via text message! Thanks for your kind words Ned :-)

as i mentioned 2 u i now have my ams van about 6 weeks and everything is a o k so far thanks 4 the lap warmer and congrats on the Georgia little leaguers winning the world series i brought my van 2 the conversion company i have been dealing with 4 about 14 years 2 have my e z lock changed 2 my new van when all the work was done the owner told me if he knew it was an ams van he would not have allowed his workers 2 do the work he is very upset with ams as they sell conversion vans at a very low price and cut out the middle man therefore he can not sell ams vans and add on his normal mark up ur company may want 2 look into making arrangements with a national repair company regarding installation of e z locks

thanks 4 all ur help
very truly

Ned F
Rockaway, NJ

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