Testimonial | Review - Recommending AMS Vans, Inc. to anyone for a Mobility Van in New Jersey

Every day I'm so grateful to have my van from AMS. It's given me my independence back with the ease of getting on and off in my power chair and my life is full again. My mother became ill and was hospitalized shortly after I received the van and without it I wouldn't have been able to see her for months. I can't put into words how important it was to have my van. She's better now and I look forward to taking her out in the van!

Everyone at AMS was so helpful with every aspect of purchasing the van. Brenda made it all so easy and I can't thank her enough. All of my concerns were addressed before, during and after the sale - and so quickly! I also got a great price on the van and it's beautiful. I recommend AMS vans to anyone who needs a mobility van.

Princeton, NJ

Mobility Vans Princeton New Jersey