Testimonial | Review - Happy Mobility Van Owner from North Carolina

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to write you, but things have been hopping here in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Since I've had the accessible van, I've found so many errands that need to be done! I'm out and about nearly every day now.

Every time I roll into that van, I'm grateful to all of you. The word that comes to mind is freedom. That van gives me the freedom to come and go as much as I need or want.

Before I found you, I had planned to buy a new van, but that would have taken at least 5-6 months longer. During that time, I would have had to limp along with my old station wagon and my manual chair enduring a lot of pain in my wrists and shoulders along the way. It would have severely limited the places and times I'd have been able to travel and exhausted me as well.

Because AMS converts good used vans. I was able to get my freedom much sooner. I got a stable, sturdy van with top of the line features (I love the automatic mirror and lights). I've also found that the ramp is a lot easier to use on gravel and other uneven surfaces than a lift.

The crowning glory,though is you folks. I've been treated like a valued friend throughout the process. From the very first e-mail to after purchase service, you have all been consistently prompt and courteous, competent and reliable. Thank you.

I would recommend AMS to anyone considering the purchase of a wheelchair access van.

Carol C
Brasstown, NC

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