Testimonial | Review - Helpful and Courteous Assistance and Grade A Service

I purchased our van 6 months ago in October 2006 and just love it!! I have been rolling ever since. I had an electric wheelchair but no way to transport it. I have already been places that I have not been in years. Most importantly, I have been getting to church more often and except more preaching engagements. Also, I have been to ballgames and working on a trip to New York to catch a cruise to the Bahamas in August. The van makes it so much easier for my wife. It was getting very difficult for my wife to keep pulling and tugging on my 6'1 and 230 pound frame. The van enables us to get out and about with less strain on her and my joints from her pulling and pushing.

Thanks God for Roy and the AMS family. Every day when I go out I thank God for my van. I am very appreciative for all assistance I received from your company. You guys were truly helpful and courteous. From the time I first call to the delivery of my van, the service was exemplary and Grade A service.

Attached is photo my van which I call "my Cadillac"


Rev. Mick H
Havelock, NC

Mobility Van Company offers Grade A Service