Testimonial | Review from Don and Kristin W for their recent handicap van purchase

Hello Jill and all at AMS,

Having not been able to drive for 2 long years after my disabling injury I was enormously excited when we located my future van on your Internet site. Of course being cautious about purchasing over the Internet, we happily drove to your modern facility outside of Atlanta from Charlotte, NC to see the wide inventory at AMS. Dealing with such a friendly, knowledgeable salesperson such as yourself made our buying decision very easy. When we returned to pick up the van after the needed disability devices were added , even the company owner assisted in our total satisfaction. A great need was readily fullfilled for this North Carolina boy by AMS. - Don W

The best Christmas present I have ever given myself was to buy my husband Don a fully equipped handicap van from Jill Rowe at AMS Vans. After 2 years of having to get him into the car and then lift his wheelchair in and out of the car over and over again, I am free. He is completely self-sufficient with his new "wheels". It not only has given me "time" back, but it has given him his self-esteem back. Thank you Jill for helping us. We will think of you and all the other wonderful people at AMS who helped out every time he get's into the driver's seat! - Kristin W

Don and Kristin W
Charlotte, NC