Testimonial | Review - Kale W, Friend of NC Handicap Van Buyers, Is Very Happy with His Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Purchase Experience

The mother of a friend of mine in NC has MS and her vehicle was totaled last year. After much research, my friend decided to purchase a vehicle from AMS Vans, so they flew down to stay with us and pick up their van. We took them from the airport to AMS, where we met Jill Rowe. Jill was PHENOMENAL and treated us like we were life-long friends of hers. She explained how everything worked and what set AMS apart from their competitors. Having cut vehicles apart during my Fire/Rescue days, I could see the integrity and safety of their product. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the people & the work they do. If you are considering this type of purchase, I *HIGHLY* recommend AMS Vans.

Kale W, friend of new AMS customers in
Taylorsville, NC

North Carolina handicap vans