Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Robin G Is Happy with Her New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Purchased Online

The van has been incredible.

As my condition has progressed, I knew that I would need a wheelchair for going to church, visiting, shopping etc. I currently had a van but it was too old to be converted and wanted to find a place to purchase a van that was low in mileage and would have a brand new conversion. After sharing a testimony in church about Joy and how it is so important to hold on to through all trials...someone from the church came forward to donate an accessible van for me. I was to pick it out and they would work out the payment through the church. I was so excited and found the AMS website. Their site was so easy to navigate and the vans were just the type that I had wanted. Once I selected the van and made sure the down payment was there to reserve the van...I was all set! I found myself going to the website frequently to look at the van and see the progress of the transformation. It wasn't long before I received a phone call to make arrangements for the delivery of the van. It was so close to Christmas and I could not believe I was receiving an accessible van for Christmas. I was able to take a dear friend to the Emergency Room on Christmas Day without any help from others. It truly is a blessing. I feel so free and love the van and all it will allow me to do. It is beautiful and all of its accessories allow me to take the trips I never would have been able to make in the past. Thanks so much Jill and AMS VANS!!!

Robin G

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