Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Bob J. L. Is Happy with His Purchase in Owasso, OK

I had reservations about buying an automobile over the Internet sight unseen. I must say, in dealing with JP Jackson of AMS, he hung in there until I was completely satisfied with my purchase, and, as he will tell you, I am a very picky buyer! I think AMS has a very positive culture in support of having the customer feel comfortable throughout the search and buy process. As for the van itself, it's great and it has given me so much more freedom. The design is well thought out.

Please pass this message on to the general manager of AMS Vans:

I want to take a moment to congratulate the service-focused organization you have developed there at AMS Vans.

I will begin with Mr. JP Jackson. I found him to be very customer centered. If he didn't have an answer at hand...he got it and responded back immediately. He worked with me for over a year before I bought my van, which I am very pleased with. He never pressured, but he stayed in touch for the entire year, always with a friendly phone call. I appreciated his followup without being pushy. He is the reason I purchased the AMS van.

Your other functions were equally as responsive, ie Josh in manufacturing and the drivers Ari and Steve, all very friendly and anxious to please.

Buying an expensive van sight unseen over the Internet takes a lot of customer faith and your people worked hard to build that trusting relationship. Again, it is apparent that customer needs are very important to you and that's what brings people like me back...in my case, my word of mouth.


Bob L

Owasso, OK

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