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HI Monica and Everyone! Our van arrived 10pm on Monday.

Yesterday I took my daughter, Laura, on three outings. I was driving her in a beaten up Chrysler LHS. Laura weighs 140 pounds and her wheelchair weighs 40. Each time we would go out I would transfer her into the car bearing most of her weight then fold her chair up and place it in the trunk. Three outings in one day would take a lot out of me physically.

It was a joy to go out and I was not tired. Laura has severe rheumatoid arthritis and has the joints of an 80 year old. She lost the ability to walk eight years ago when the school bus driver had broken tie downs and then drove her over a curb at the school and fractured her hip. This made her arthritis worse. I have needed a van since that time.

We were shown a brand new conversion in that year for $64,000 and the dealer had a used 1992 mustard yellow conversion with 90,000 miles that was priced at 25,000. I gave up looking.

Within the past year I started researching the internet and came across your website. I was encouraged by your prices and suddenly I had the hope that we could afford an accessible van.

Laura has an amazing spirit and loves to perform in the theater. Right now she has the role of Jan in Grease JR and she has been awarded the Hult Center Sho student of the month for March. Everyone at the theater is so happy that we have our van. Thank you for the amazing way you run your business. I even was touched by the lap quilt which I was thinking about making for her but you beat me to it!!!

Much love and gratitude and you all have a blessed day too!!!


Margaret I
Eugene, OR

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