Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Iggy T Is Happy with His New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Purchased Online

With one intense headache my wife’s life changed forever. We quickly realized that transferring her in and out of a wheel chair from my car was too much. My search was on for a van that would accommodate her needs. Spending hours each night I researched all the manufactures and weighed the pros and cons of each conversion.

Once I was educated, it was a no brainer. AMS won hands down from all the others. Conversions vary widely and I chose AMS because of the safety factors they retain with their conversions. I was, also, very impressed by the large inventory on hand at any given time.

Living hundreds of miles from Atlanta, I purchased a van, sight unseen. Their website had countless pictures of each van offered along with all the options and most importantly the price. One phone call to Jill and the ball was rolling. Couldn’t have been any easier. No surprises, everything was up front and as it was advertised.

The van has opened up a whole new world of mobility and freedom for us and I would recommend an AMS conversion to anyone needing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Iggy T
Manheim PA

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