Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Claudette T Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Barnwell, SC

The trip to Florida was great!!!! It's a 499 mile trip from my house to my sister's house. Once Ami was in the car, she was unable to get out till we arrived at my sister's. With the van, we stopped several times, Ami was able to get out and loved eating in a restaurant instead of fast food in the car. Ami even got to go to the beach and watch her 11-year-old daughter, Chloe, play in the ocean for the first time in her life. We visited the Norton Museum of Art, Ami was free to move around as she desired. We also visited Florida Coastal Oceanographic Center, Ami loved having the freedom of again moving through out the center without someone having to push her in the manual wheelchair. We visited several malls, one of which she went to for a day all by herself. Chloe loves the DVD player and loved having her mom being free to go and do so many more things with her. My old back loves the van, no more loading and unloading the manual wheelchair. Chloe also likes to exit down the ramp like she is a super star.

Soon, when Ami has mastered driving the van herself, she will experience freedom and independence she has never had before.

Thank you!!!!!!!

Claudette T

Barnwell, SC

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