Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Stan H Is Happy in Charleston, SC


Our van arrived almost exactly at 5:00 this afternoon. It gave us a scare at first as the air conditioner would not come on. Fortunately the guy who delivered it shook the key while it was in the ignition and it came on. We turned the van off and tried it again several times and it worked fine. There must have been a piece of dirt in the switch that was not allowing it to make contact.

We have it all loaded back up with my "personal" stuff, adorned with our UGA Bulldogs tag and are ready to give it its first voyage to church in the morning. I tested the ramp with my chair and things fit like a glove. I am so pleased we came to meet you and purchased the van (through the credit union and Brand L) from you.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIVING US YOUR TRIATHLON MEDAL? Man, you earned every ounce of that thing. We are truly honored that you would share that experience and your accomplishments with us. I actually had a tear well up when I saw that hanging around the rearview mirror. To me, it symbolizes not only what you did to prepare and participate in that race but how you run the race we call life. That means so much. Thank you to the one millionth power!

We will proudly show off our van and will be happy to recommend and refer anyone who may be in the same position as we are. In fact, I will be seeing my physical rehab doctor who is the medical director for a large Health South Rehabilitation Hospital here in Charleston this Wednesday. I am going to leave two of your cards and the brochures in the packet with his nurse/office manager. I know they have to assist folks from time to time with mobility needs. This will be one more GREAT resource for them and a very quick visual to share…which I will happily do.

Thanks, so much, for your wonderful care and genuine concern. Our experience with you and AMS has been wonderful.

Be well,

Stan, Toni & Madyson H
Charleston, SC

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