Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Victor B Is Happy with His New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Purchased Online

I hate to buy cars! And I have bought a lot of them. Car dealers drive me nuts with hidden costs, tax, tags, paper work charges, prep ... on and on. But that all changed when I bought a van from AMS.

The selection was excellent, the sales staff knew their product, and every detail was spelled out - exact cost, warranty, options - everything. They even made sure that we understood that since we were buying from out of state that we would have to pay our state's sales tax.

Even when I asked the tough questions like - "What happens if that ramp motor burns out?" They answered it without hesitation, and the answer was better than I expected. We never had to wait and the entire purchase was completed in a few hours. I like they way they do business. I'll buy another van from AMS if I ever wear this one out!

Best regards,

Victor B
Charleston, SC

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