Testimonial | Review – Charles G from Clinton, SC, Thrilled with Handicap Van from AMS Vans

The purchase of our 2013 Chrysler ramp/van was a first for us! Over the past several decades we have bought and traded cars -- Dodge, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, and Buick. But these cars were purchased "on the lot" -- touching, driving, talking with a salesman on the spot. So the Chrysler we now own came to us in 21st century style: Selected from internet photos and information and phone calls and emails.

When the Chrysler arrived from AMS, it was a wonderful surprise; everything we had read about it and talked with JP was there, and more! The beautiful color (I call it cranberry red) pleased my wife especially. It contains bells and whistles I hadn’t even thought about!

Harvey, the delivery driver, picked up our two vehicles for trade-in and walked me through the new car to show me some important aspects. JP, our salesman, had assured us that we would be satisfied with the car, and we certainly were.

Thank you, AMS Vans -- short and long trips are now quickly and easily possible for us. My wife will enjoy the view from her wheelchair as well as the ease of entry and exit from our van.

Thank you,

Charles G

Clinton, SC

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