Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Becky B Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Liberty, SC

Three years ago I contacted Jill Rowe of AMS vans because I adopted two boys with muscular dystrophy, and knew that an accessible van was in our future. She was helpful at the time - we corresponded for the following three years routinely - as I was gathering information about the best option for our family.

Recently, as is true with muscular dystrophy, one of my boys took a sharp turn and I knew we needed an accessible van sooner than later. Jill arranged for us to come to the plant and visit - brought my boys and we looked at the side entry and rear entry vans - deciding that we would go with a rear entry. Once I secured the necessary funds, Jill helped us find the perfect van - I picked it up recently - and we are thrilled with the quality of the van, the conversion package. Jill was unusually kind and helpful throughout our contact - and she has checked already to make sure the van is meeting our needs. I love my boys, and watching MD take hold is very difficult - Jill’s compassion and her help makes this easier. Very grateful for her heart towards my boys and me.

I found AMS Vans through a “Google” search - and I compared its products with many other vendors. This is the best option. Affordable and with a first-class sales and service team backing its product - I heartily recommend AMS Vans to any family needing an accessible van.

Becky B

Liberty, SC

South Carolina wheelchair vans