Testimonial | Review – Stephanie M from Townville, South Carolina Loves her New Handicap Van

Scott, I love our new van. Terry (another wonderful representative of your company) delivered it today.

Funny story—he had two vans on his trailer and the first was a silver and the other was a slightly darker grey. I figured since he unloaded the silver van first that was our van and I jokingly said, “Hey, I like the color of the other van better, may I have it instead??” He smiled and said “Good, that is your van!” and it was.

Seeing them both together I liked our so much better in just the appearance. Anyway, he showed me lots of stuff to do with it and we head out in the morning for our first trip with the van. I can’t thank you enough for all your help!

Stephanie M

Townville, South Carolina

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