Testimonial | Review – Bruce B of Dallas, TX, Would Definitely Use AMS Vans Again for Handicap Vans

Thanks for the explanation and apology, I WAS getting some heat and it got to the point I needed to pass some of it on, so, sorry if I was a bit harsh!

Your team came through in a big way by getting the van delivered on Saturday evening in Dallas...

I know it was some bad timing, with you guys moving right in the middle of the deal and of course Mother Nature reminding us ALL who's in charge never helps when trying to hurry something along.

The good part is, you were communicative, Josh stayed on top of it and logistics pulled off a very timely delivery and now I think all is good.

All we can do is our best, and occasionally we have to rely on somebody else's best that may not be up to OUR standards. Believe me, I have some vendors that have done the same to me, so I understand.

Good luck with the growth and I am confident enough that I would definitely use your services and company again, and I hope it's in the near future.

Stay in touch and I'll do the same!

Cheers and Kind Regards until the next one.

Thank You again,

Bruce B

Dallas, Texas

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