Testimonial | Review - Bought an Accessible Minivan Online and it was a Smashing Success


Good to hear from you again. I think the Atlanta area and Dallas area are both hot plates ... and it's not a dry humidity ... we know how to suffer!

The AMS van we purchased a couple of months ago for my wife's father is an absolute smashing success. It was delivered within a few days of finalizing the purchase and it looked absolutely great. The next day we drove it over to his place, and like a little kid, he immediately wanted to go for a test drive.

He hit the switch to lower the ramp, and after watching it extend into position, he actually clapped (and so did my wife). He then drove his electric wheelchair right on up, AND there was enough room for him to spin 90 degrees and look out the front window ... that was an unexpected bonus.

This simple 2 minute experience made him smile and laugh like we had not seen in a long while. He was "on the road again", and we are able to take him out much more often because it's easier on us as well. Thanks AMS Vans ... you're the greatest!

Sam A

Denton, TX