Testimonial | Review - Humble Texas - Easy to Operate and Reliable in Heavy Traffic

Hello Jill, I cannot tell you how well the AMS van has worked for us. Our grandson must travel 12 miles each way to school which requires an hour on a school bus in the mornings and closer to 1.5 hours in the afternoons. The journey is in heavy traffic and through numerous neighborhoods as there are a half dozen children in wheel chairs who ride this bus.

We have elected to take and pick up our grandson because of the length of the bus ride. We are able to make the trip in 20-25 minutes versus the hour plus required by bus.

The van is easy to operate and while most of the time my wife and I both go to take and pick him up it is easy enough for my wife or I to do it alone. The heavy duty self adjusting tie downs were well worth the money! I think they have save our hands, knuckles, backs and I am sure money as it requires little time to load and unload safely.

We are very pleased with the van and tell anyone who asks all about it and your company.

P.S., The van runs quite well and we drive it 90 percent of the time since it allows us to take our grandson and 2 -3 other passengers wherever we go!

Tony and Lynne P

Humble, TX