Testimonial | Review - Your Help was Above and Beyond the Call in TX

March 2, 2009

Dear Brenda,

I just noticed the letter I wrote you in Jan. still has not went out in my e-mail. And I seemed to delegate it as I tried to move it to copy it, to send to you.

Well we are really enjoying our van I wish we had put the easy lock into it as when I have to jam on the brakes I throw Dave almost out of his chair, with the tie down straps.

Your delivery and trust in us was fantastic, I'm sorry our credit union and Car Max seemed to hold up things. And did not pay you as timely as we received our used wheelchair van.

Brenda your help was above and beyond the call and your time was truly appreciated. We had all the help we could have asked for and truly appreciate all of your hard work.


Kay and Dave G

Lake, TX