Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Jay T Is Happy with His Handicap Van Purchase in Monahans, TX

Let me start by saying thank you for the wonderful product and service you provide. For people with special needs children your vans and systems are a great way to have some freedom.

Now to the meet of the issue: My wife and daughter (who is in a wheelchair) were traveling home from a church mission trip when they had the misfortune of having a pretty severe car accident. They were traveling at highway speed (75mph) and drove up on a car traveling around 50mph she changed lanes to pass the slower vehicle and another vehicle tried to pass her traveling around 90mph. She swerved right to miss the faster vehicle over corrected and flipped the van 3 times. When all was said and done they came to rest on the shoulder of the road right side up.

The wheelchair was secured in the van with the AMS restraint system. I very pleased to tell you that during the whole thing the wheelchair never moved. Everyone made it home alive, a few bumps and bruises and a broken tailbone was it.

Thank you so very much for the attention to detail in the design of the restraint system. That attention to detail saved my little girl's life. She will be attending college in the fall at Dallas Baptist University because of the safety of that van.

Again THANK YOU. I look forward to doing business with you fine people for years to come.

Jay T

Monahans, TX

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