Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Miriam P is Happy with her New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Purchased Online

I just wanted to send a humungous thank you to AMS VANS!!!! You guys rock!!! Before we got this van we had a regular van and my brother was using a regular wheelchair. We had to wheel him to the front passenger seat and transfer him from wheelchair to the passenger seat every time we were going out. That was hard on us to lift him to be seated. Since then, within the past 8 months my brother learned to use a power chair, but no vehicle to transport him in. Thanks to AMS VANS we were able to get a converted van with remote side entrances and a remote ramp!!! Man, what a huge difference this makes to take him out and about!! The van was delivered from Georgia to Waco, Texas, in one piece and the person who delivered the van took his time to show me all the good stuff the van had to offer and the safety of having one these vans. The van was completely clean and ready to go. You guys totally helped and now we don't think twice to go visit friends, family, doctor appointments and grocery store, etc. When you have a loved one to take care of and want to enjoy quality time with that person, call AMS VANS and let them make life easier for you and the person that you care for and needs you.

Miriam P
Waco, TX

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