Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Helen F Is Happy with Her Handicap Van Purchase in Salt Lake City, UT

Hello JP,

Our van is doing good & we are very happy with it. I love it so perfect for Everett with his scooter - in and out easily with no problem except we need to learn tying down the scooter in proper way. We'll be fine. I notice we miss a manual book that is not in the glove compartment. Hope we find one somewhere maybe at a wrecking yard.

Bob is in NY on business since Saturday and I will fly today join him for a few days. We'll be home late Tuesday night, on the 12th.

I got Farmers Insurance policy covered our van and deleted Passat. I hope they have send a copy to Carol.

Thanks so much for everything and your patience with me in communication by e-mailing only. I was kinda worried about how to communicate with Doug but a friend of mine just happened to be at my house at the right time to help interpreting in sign language for me.

I suppose Doug has told you about it.

I'll send you some pictures by e-mail of Everett with our van one day.


Helen F

Salt Lake City, UT

P.S. AMS Vans is a good name & reasonable! Thank you.

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