Testimonial | Review - Handicap Van Buyer Ted D Is Happy with His Handicap Van Purchase in Mclean, VA

Dear JP,

First of all, Mary and I are very pleased with our van purchase from you and AMS. Dealing with you over the phone was easy and productive. We both believe that we were given a fair price on the new van and a good price on our trade-in.

When the van arrived on the truck, it was exactly as advertised by you and it was pristine. We had never bought a car without being able to see it and drive it first. But this time, after the van arrived we were able to drive and check it out thoroughly before we completed the transaction. Our thanks also to your driver, Mike I believe is his name, for returning the front license plate which we inadvertently left on the trade-in.

So this is just to thank you for your many courtesies, advice, and for helping us out.

Thanks again,

Ted D

McLean, VA

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