Testimonial - Wisconsin Wheelchair Van Owners Terry and Milan M

Again we want to thank you so much - especially you Brenda - for all the help you gave us in the purchase of our 2009 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Van. Granted we were very leery of 'internet' sales, but after checking with the BBB and them giving you an "A" rating we decided to take this risk. Brenda helped Terry in every way possible....from 'catching the Marta' from the Atlanta airport and getting her to Norcross to her hotel, to getting a 'loaner' vehicle delivered to that same hotel with directions to every place they had to go.

When Terry first laid eyes on our new van in your parking lot she just couldn't believe her eyes - it was great! She drove this van back to WI from GA. It was a very comfortable, quiet ride. The van is excellent with a lot of extras....some that we haven't tried out yet.

When we first started shopping for a conversion van, we shopped locally within Wisconsin. For something comparable to the van we bought at AMS, the two dealers here wanted between $53,000. - $55,000. As you can see from the AMS website, the vans there are more than $20,000.00 cheaper - and all with the warranty's too! You just can not go wrong with AMS. You can't not afford to check them out! They were great from start to finish - and they still keep in contact with us today. They answered all our questions as they came up, they were all friendly and they are definitely down to earth. If anyone from our area (or from anywhere as far as that goes) has any questions or concerns, please rest assured that AMS is the place you want to do business with!

Here are some pictures that we took earlier today....

Milan Loves his New Van

Milan and Terry at Home in Wisconsin

Terry and Milan M