Buy and Sell Used Braun Wheelchair Vans

Do you have a used Braun handicap van you no longer need and would like to sell? Or are you thinking of buying a used wheelchair van? At AMS Vans, we can help. Sell your used Braun wheelchair van to AMS Vans directly, or let us sell it for you on consignment. You can also list your used Braun wheelchair van for sale in our classifieds. We have a constantly changing stock of used vehicles on hand, including many non-AMS conversions such as used Braun, used VMI and used Rollx handicap vans.

Used Braun Wheelchair Vans For Sale

Buying a used handicap vehicle offers great value for your money. Don't forget about us if you are thinking of buying a used Braun handicap van. We often get accessible vehicles as trade-ins from customers buying new AMS conversions and can offer exceptional prices on them. A used Braun wheelchair van from AMS comes with any remaining warranties intact and has been certified used by our mechanics through a 125-point inspection prior to being added to our used Braun wheelchair van inventory. Plus, every used handicap van sold by AMS Vans is covered by our great customer service and can be delivered to your door via our nationwide White Glove delivery service.

Sell a Used Braun Handicap Van

AMS Vans offers several terrific options for selling used Braun wheelchair vans. We buy used handicap vans for cash! If you want to sell us your used Braun wheelchair van, or other handicap accessible vehicle you no longer need, and it is in good, working condition, contact us for a price quote. If we buy your vehicle, we will arrange for free pick-up nationwide.

You can also sell your used wheelchair van with our consignment program. We can give your used Braun handicap van as well as all other brands the same prominent display on our website we give to our own AMS conversions. If your van is in good working order, we'll work with you to have it qualify as a certified used vehicle, and then list it within our used van inventory. It remains in our inventory, and you hold your title until we sell your vehicle.

Sell your used Braun van yourself in our mobility classifieds. We give you exposure to the nationwide market of used wheelchair van buyers at a reasonable rate.

Trade In Your Used Braun Wheelchair Van or Other Vehicle

At AMS Vans, Inc. we accept trade-in vehicles, non-modified or already professionally modified. If you currently own a used Braun wheelchair van or a used handicap vehicle from VMI, a used Rollx van, or own a van, car or truck not modified for mobility access and would like to buy a wheelchair van from AMS Vans, give us a call. Get a trade-in quote on your vehicle with some of the best rates in the mobility industry!